Monday, June 13, 2011

Message from Hap Palmer

Look what we got in the mail this weekend via YouTube, from Mr. Hap Palmer himself!

happalmusic has sent you a message:

Re: Say the Opposite

Dear Adele,

Please tell your students that they did a wonderful job and I enjoyed watching the video!



Friday, June 10, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Day

The kids did an amazing job today, completely surprising us with their performance during the teacher's appreciation assembly. They sang "Yesterday's Dream" (you can find the lyrics here) and I loved that our class was front and center. They did me proud! Here's the video for all the parents (and grandparents) who couldn't be here to see your little ones shine!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Miss, will you please put the recipe on the blog?"

I love it! Today, while we cooked some chicken soup and some vegetable soup, one of the boys asked me to please put the recipe on the blog so he can make the soup at home.

As with any soup, it's more about personal preference and about what you have on hand than about following an exact recipe. So, here's how we made chicken soup today. The kids told me which vegetables they wanted in the soup!

Boil one entire chicken until it's nice and soft. Add some fresh garlic. (Of course the kids all wanted to smell the garlic.) I usually also add a spoonful of green curry paste. (They didn't care for that smell, but it adds a nice flavor to the soup.) And a little salt. (They thought salt comes from French fries. Or from a salt tree.)

As the chicken starts to fall apart, remove the skin and bones. (What are the bones for? Kaia explained to us the the bones keep bodies together, else we'd be like spaghetti.)

Add vegetables. Today, we added baby potatoes, whole, with their skins on. We sliced up one carrot into lots of little circles. As the potatoes and carrots were boiling, we snapped the ends off peas (so much fun to take apart a pea pod and find the seeds inside!) and chopped the mushrooms into quarters. (They tried some of the fresh mushrooms, but didn't care for it.) We cut up the cauliflower (they got it right, we eat the flower of this plant) and everyone tried some raw cauliflower. Most really liked it!

Once the hard vegetables have boiled for a while, add the softer vegetables. First, we added the cauliflower and mushrooms. A few minutes later, we added the entire pea pods. Finally, we added just a bit of fresh cream. And some pepper. (They guessed correctly that pepper comes from a tree, and that they're the seeds of the pepper tree!)

Since we have one vegetarian in our class, we also made one pot of soup just like the other, but without the chicken. And without mushrooms.

The kids ate ALL the soup! They really liked it, and we really had fun cooking it together.

Good fun. Good food. Good learning opportunity...

Thanks, Ms. Yuni, for taking photos!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Experimenting with more kinds of juice

Some of the students have been adamant that we should make apple juice. And so we did. We got some apples, peeled them and cut them up. And then we tossed them into a blender.

First, we just had apple sauce. We added a bit of cinnamon. Everyone tried it and some liked it. Some didn't. The students came up with the solution of how to make it more like juice: Add water! And so we did.

We added water, and then everyone had lots of apple juice to drink. Some were a bit upset by the fact that the juice was brown. We explained that this was pure apple juice. It was really healthy this way. Some liked that. Some didn't.

Then we experimented with star fruit. We cut them up. Took out the seeds. Ate the fruit. And then we painted with the rest. For some, this was a ton of fun. For others, it wasn't.

We also went on an excursion to Bamboo Court, where we asked Pa Hakim to make us a very special fruit juice. We picked out all the fruit we wanted in the juice: Apple, watermelon, pineapple, orange and pear. The students insisted on drinking it there and then rather than waiting till we're in class and can pour it into smaller cups. So we shared... Everyone loved that!



... and no, we don't usually share cups in K1A. But what can you say? It was one of those moments where sharing simply seemed in order...

Friday, May 27, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

... make lemonade! Our lemon tree, which we bought on our excursion to the plant nursery, has given us many lemons. We know that plants need air, sunlight, water and good soil to grow. So we had put it in a spot on our outdoor piazza where it got some good sunlight and lots of fresh air! And we have been watering the tree faithfully.

Did you know that even the leaves of the lemon tree smell like lemons? By the way, the leaves of a garlic plant also smells like garlic. We discovered that since we planted on clove of garlic. But back to our lemons...

As lemons ripened on the tree, we've been picking them. By today, we had eight lemons, just enough to make
a good amount of lemon juice so we could make lemonade. We counted the lemons in twos and also in fours.
We've never counted in fours until today!
Ms. Adele showed us how we could roll the lemons on the counter to get them to be soft. That was really hard work!
When some of the lemons started leaking juice, we tried a bit of the juice. Boy, was it sour!
Ms. Adele used her hands to squeeze out the juice from the lemons. There were a LOT of seeds in our lemons!
We all got to try some of the fresh lemon
Some of us didn't like eating fresh lemon... 
... while others ...
... couldn't get enough of it!
We added some cold water to the lemon juice and realized it was still very sour. So we also added some sugar.
Did you know that sugar also comes from a plant? We get sugar from sugar cane. Plants really give us a lot of things! 
After we drank all of the lemonade, we took the seeds. Some of us would like to try and grow some lemon trees at home
Now, what shall we make once our garlic is big enough for us to harvest it? Not garlic juice, for sure!