Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Experimenting with more kinds of juice

Some of the students have been adamant that we should make apple juice. And so we did. We got some apples, peeled them and cut them up. And then we tossed them into a blender.

First, we just had apple sauce. We added a bit of cinnamon. Everyone tried it and some liked it. Some didn't. The students came up with the solution of how to make it more like juice: Add water! And so we did.

We added water, and then everyone had lots of apple juice to drink. Some were a bit upset by the fact that the juice was brown. We explained that this was pure apple juice. It was really healthy this way. Some liked that. Some didn't.

Then we experimented with star fruit. We cut them up. Took out the seeds. Ate the fruit. And then we painted with the rest. For some, this was a ton of fun. For others, it wasn't.

We also went on an excursion to Bamboo Court, where we asked Pa Hakim to make us a very special fruit juice. We picked out all the fruit we wanted in the juice: Apple, watermelon, pineapple, orange and pear. The students insisted on drinking it there and then rather than waiting till we're in class and can pour it into smaller cups. So we shared... Everyone loved that!



... and no, we don't usually share cups in K1A. But what can you say? It was one of those moments where sharing simply seemed in order...

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