Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Miss, will you please put the recipe on the blog?"

I love it! Today, while we cooked some chicken soup and some vegetable soup, one of the boys asked me to please put the recipe on the blog so he can make the soup at home.

As with any soup, it's more about personal preference and about what you have on hand than about following an exact recipe. So, here's how we made chicken soup today. The kids told me which vegetables they wanted in the soup!

Boil one entire chicken until it's nice and soft. Add some fresh garlic. (Of course the kids all wanted to smell the garlic.) I usually also add a spoonful of green curry paste. (They didn't care for that smell, but it adds a nice flavor to the soup.) And a little salt. (They thought salt comes from French fries. Or from a salt tree.)

As the chicken starts to fall apart, remove the skin and bones. (What are the bones for? Kaia explained to us the the bones keep bodies together, else we'd be like spaghetti.)

Add vegetables. Today, we added baby potatoes, whole, with their skins on. We sliced up one carrot into lots of little circles. As the potatoes and carrots were boiling, we snapped the ends off peas (so much fun to take apart a pea pod and find the seeds inside!) and chopped the mushrooms into quarters. (They tried some of the fresh mushrooms, but didn't care for it.) We cut up the cauliflower (they got it right, we eat the flower of this plant) and everyone tried some raw cauliflower. Most really liked it!

Once the hard vegetables have boiled for a while, add the softer vegetables. First, we added the cauliflower and mushrooms. A few minutes later, we added the entire pea pods. Finally, we added just a bit of fresh cream. And some pepper. (They guessed correctly that pepper comes from a tree, and that they're the seeds of the pepper tree!)

Since we have one vegetarian in our class, we also made one pot of soup just like the other, but without the chicken. And without mushrooms.

The kids ate ALL the soup! They really liked it, and we really had fun cooking it together.

Good fun. Good food. Good learning opportunity...

Thanks, Ms. Yuni, for taking photos!

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