About K1A

We're a diverse group of individuals. Among the 15 individuals who call K1A home (11 students, 4 teachers), we are from Indonesia, India, Thailand, France, the USA, China and South Africa.

Homeroom teacher:  Ms. Adele (or Ms. Del, as some kids say) has lived and worked in Taiwan, the US, Kenya and Indonesia for the past 15 years. She is originally from South Africa.

Assistant teacher: Ms. Fedra is from Manado. Before joining the SWA staff, she worked for MindLab Indonesia. She's married and has a son.

Ms. Adele and Ms. Fedra is with K1A's kids all the time. But there are also two other teachers who take turns being in the classroom, teachers whom we share with K1C.

Bahasa Indonesia teacher: Ms. Yuni is from Surabaya. She and her husband got married in June. Ms. Yuni loves dancing and enjoys teaching the children to dance.

Mandarin Chinese teacher: Chun-Li Laoshi is from Chang Chun in northern China. She taught in Singapore before moving to Indonesia.